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Published On:

Jun 26, 2024

United States

Miller Symphony Hall 23 N. 6th St. Allentown, PA 18101

Now Announcing:

Allentown Symphony Orchestra

Principal Tuba

Application Deadline:

August 5, 2024

Auditions Begin:

September 8, 2024



United States Dollar USD $

$160 - $179

/ Service

About this opportunity:

All audition rounds will take place behind a screen. Candidates may be invited to participate in a performance trial with the orchestra at a later date as part of the audition process.

To apply, please submit your application using the link at the bottom of this page by the application deadline: August 5th, 2024. This application includes submission of a one page PDF file of your resume. Only PDF versions of resumes will be accepted. The audition committee reserves the right ask for a recording prior to offering any candidate an invitation to the audition.

Invitations will be sent out shortly after this application deadline. All invited candidates are required to send a $75 audition deposit check by August 19th to secure their audition slot. Audition deposit checkss should be made out to “Allentown Symphony Association”. Please write your name and instrument in the memo line and send it to the following address:

ATTN: ASO Auditions
Miller Symphony Hall
23 N. 6th St.
Allentown, PA 18101

Checks will be destroyed if the candidate gives notice of cancellation of at least 7 days before the audition date. Checks will be returned upon your arrival at the audition. Any questions about audition deposit checks should be directed to

2024-25 Season Pay Scale for Section Positions
$128.33 for 2.5-hour Rehearsals
$143.11 for Rehearsals longer than 2.5 hours
$135.08 for Concerts

Principal musicians receive a 25% overscale premium per service. Travel reimbursement of $0.49/mile, up to 160 miles roundtrip per day, with the first 40 miles exempt. The Allentown Symphony does not provide lodging or per diem.

Any questions should be directed to


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