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Published On:

Jul 4, 2024

United States

718 N Grand Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63103

Now Announcing:

St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

Contrabasson/Utility Bassoon

Application Deadline:

July 31, 2024

Auditions Begin:

September 23, 2024



United States Dollar USD $


/ Year

About this opportunity:

Auditions for Contrabassoon/Utility Bassoon are currently scheduled as follows, subject to change:

• Preliminary, Semi-final, and Final auditions:

Monday, September 23, 2024 (tentatively 9:00am-9:00pm)

Candidates wishing to audition must apply by 11:59:59 pm Central Time on July 31, 2024. Please visit the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra website to fill out the application form:

It is understood that any candidate auditioning will accept employment.

Invitations are sent by email, typically within two weeks of the resume deadline. Invited candidates will be asked to email acceptance of the invitation, as well as mail a $100.00 deposit check to confirm they will attend. Candidates will not be considered confirmed until both their emailed acceptance and deposit check are received. Please do not send deposit checks until you have received an invitation to the audition. Deposit checks will be returned to applicants when released by the Audition Committee but will not be returned to applicants who do not keep their scheduled auditions. Deposit checks will be destroyed for those who notify the Orchestra Personnel Office of cancellation at least seven days prior to their scheduled audition date.

Audition time slots are sent by email approximately two weeks before the audition day. Please await confirmation of your audition day and group time before making travel plans. While we do our best to accommodate candidates’ preference, we cannot guarantee a specific time.

Audition Repertoire can be found here:

Candidates should be aware of the following:

• All audition rounds will be held at The Sheldon Concert Hall in St. Louis, Missouri.

• The Audition Committee of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra reserves the right to dismiss any candidate not meeting the highest professional standards at any time.

• The St. Louis Symphony Orchestra will provide a copy of excerpts during the audition. They will not provide copies of any solos or concerti. Candidates are welcome to use their personal, printed copies, however they are responsible for following any markings/editorials provided.

• No electronic devices are allowed on stage during the audition including, but not limited to, tuners, metronomes, phones, tablets, and recording devices. Candidates should be prepared to use a physical copy of the orchestral excerpts.

• The St. Louis Symphony Orchestra tunes to A=442hz.

• Guests are not permitted at the hall.

• The St. Louis Symphony Orchestra and its members do not critique auditions, nor offer comments.

• The Orchestra Personnel Office reserves the right to change the order in which candidates audition.


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