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Published On:

Jul 3, 2024

Czech Republic

Czech Radio Pilsen, address: náměstí Míru 10, 301 00 Plzeň

Now Announcing:

Pilsen Philharmonic Orchestra

Assistant Principal Double Bass

Application Deadline:

August 25, 2024

Auditions Begin:

September 4, 2024



About this opportunity:


A. Choice of a classical concerto (1st movement with any cadence + 2nd movement):

  • J. Kř. Vaňhal: Concerto D major (or version E major)

  • J. A. Hoffmeister: Concerto No. 1 D major

  • K. D. von Dittersdorf: Concerto E major


Choice of a romantic concerto (two contrasting movements):

  • Kusevickij: Concerto F# minor

  • Bottesini: Concerto B minor

B. Selected orchestral excerpts will be sent to the applicants upon their application.

Each applicant is to attach his/her repertoire prepared for the audition to the application and is to provide the sheet music for the piano accompaniment (if needed). The accompanist can be provided by the Pilsen Philharmonic, upon request.

Date of the commencement of employment by agreement.

Please send your CV and application including repertoire (at the latest 25th of August 2024) to:

Plzeňská filharmonie o. p. s., Náměstí Míru 10, 301 00 Plzeň

Tel.: (+420) 602 222 685



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